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Below is FRANKIE (female). They are in need of a new home. Please visit the shelter's website to view their requirements and advice before contacting to rehome.

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FRANKIE (female) at the Staffie Smiles Rescue

FRANKIE (female) at the Staffie Smiles Rescue

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6 years old


She has a dog friend that she walks with - needs very slow intros


Staffie Mastiff cross - Large - 35kg



Please read the dog's profile before applying. Only applications that meet the dog's needs will be considered. All our dogs will be Neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. ​

FRANKIE - Female 

History... Found beside her owner after he had a heart attack and died in the street. ​

More about me... I am very quiet and shy on a 1st meeting,  but once I get to know you i am the sweet most loving girl you will ever get to meet.   I am a sensitive girl who needs time to take in the world around me. I was sad because I don't know where my owner is or why I'm here in kennels. 

I love the car, it helps me to relax. I like an ice cream and love schmackos they are my fav. I also love squeezy cheeze. I play with my covers in the kennels and i sook them. . 

I take treats gently, I love playing with my toys and will even bring them back to you when playing fetch. I am strong on the lead but walk nicely, I love my food they say I am easy to train. I want to please my humans so much and I fall in love with them so easily.  

I was in a foster home but have had to come back to kennels as my foster dad couldn't keep me any longer. I was good in the house. I played with my toys and was fine being left for 4+ hours. I think I am a lap dog and loved cuddles with my foster dad. I was good with his 12yr old son and a friend's family dog. 

I am now back in kennels and this is scary to me, I get really stressed and lose weight when I am in here. 

May 2022
Frankie  was away with us girls from the committee for a weekend at a rural dog friendly cottage that we had booked. She has been in kennels for a few months now and needed the break so we made sure it was dog friendly for her. 
OMG this girl did so well, she was great with us all very loving and playful. She was a bit anxious the 1st day as it was a new place but she was eating and taking treats. We only had her in the garden which she was fine with . On the 2nd day we went out walking where it was very quiet and she loved it. She gets a bit over whelmed if to much is happening around her, she settled much better that day and slept a lot. She want keen on the cows or a few chickens that she ran away from but she had a really nice time, shes great in the house very clean just unsure about strange noises but with help Frankie will work through this. We all love this girl sooooooooo much she has stolen all our hearts x 
(check out our photos of the weekend above) 

Type of home needed … I need a bullbreed experienced home.  I love playing in the garden. I need a quiet home, I am a sensitive gal, and I can be left with no issues for a few hours.  I need an owner that will give my love and guidance. Bullbreed experienced home Adult home - Teens No other pets Semi Rural Home MUST have a gardenBehavioural support to help with her being sensitive/guarding. 
March 2022 - From Alexis 
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​​I think I’m actually spoilt!!! Look at this beautiful lady I got to spend the day with!
Meet Frankie, a super sweet girly with a touch of sass!
She is with Staffie Smiles Rescue and is looking for one of those 2 legged things (humans ) for her foster home.

She bonds with her 2 leggeds quite fast and can be protective of them but is working on this. Meeting lots of new friends and being a superstar. She can be a strong girly on the lead but walks really well. She also loves treats/food so great motivation for training. She listens and responds well and shares her toys with u too. And if you are really lucky u sometimes get given some extra slobbers added in with the toys.

She has been through sadness in her life, losing her owner who passed away in the street while with her and she wouldn’t leave his side. Which resulted in her being in the pound. She’s been a stressed and confused little girly and coming through the other end.

She is such a chilled laid back girl, who is affectionate and loving. She just needs the right human to help guide her.
I will have the pleasure of spending time with her and enjoying all that love and affection and the added sass. And of course provide butt scratches! The team at Staffie Smiles Rescue have already done amazing with her in settling her back in. She’s just such a lovely girl.

​If you know anyone who might suit her needs and would be able to offer this girl a foster home please get in touch with us.