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Doodle Trust (visit their website)
German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Dogs Trust - Glasgow (visit their website)
Dogs Trust - West Calder (visit their website)
Second Chance Kennels (visit their website)
Huskies in Need (visit their website)
Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary (visit their website)
Dog Aid Society of Scotland (visit their website)
Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
KWK9 Rescue (visit their website)
Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre (visit their website)
Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue (visit their website)
Scottish Dalmatian Welfare (visit their website)
Staffordshire Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care (visit their website)
Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (visit their website)
Boxer Welfare Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (visit their website)
Fife Rottweiler Rescue (visit their website)
Any Dog'il Do Rescue (visit their website)
Borders Pet Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Rescue Fife (visit their website)
Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue (visit their website)
Adopt A Boxer Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Cat Protection League (visit their website)
Saints Sled Dog Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Awareness League (visit their website)
Pet Fostering Service Scotland (visit their website)
West Scotland Retired Greyhound Trust (visit their website)
The New Arc (visit their website)
Save A Staffie Scotland (visit their website)

Found at least 158 Dogs for rescue

Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

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Pet and Shelter Details - Dogs Trust - West Calder
  • Listed for: 805 Days
  • Black and white Border Collie Cross
  • Age: 2 to 5
Not Good With Children Good With Dogs

Likes and dislikes:

Broxie is nervous boy at first but when he gets to know you he is full of fun, he loves going for walks and playing fetch. Broxie is fully house-trained and happy to be left for a few hours alone at home. He is an energetic lad who likes to be on the move, so an active owner who suit him best.

Type of home needed:

Broxie is looking for an owner who has the time to build up his confidence when meeting new people and dogs, he is a clever boy and learns quickly. He loves his owners but can get overwhelmed in some situations, so needs a very calm home where he won't find himself in situations where he feels threatened. For this reason, he cannot live with children, but he can live with a friendly dog.

Rehoming Centre:

West Calder

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, West Calder
West Calder
EH55 8LE

Open: 12:00 - 16:00

Closed: Tuesday

Pet and Shelter Details - Dogs Trust - Glasgow
  • Listed for: 357 Days
  • Black and white Border Collie
  • Age: 2 to 5
Good With Dogs

Likes and dislikes:

Megan is a sweet wee girl who is a bit shy and worried in new situations. Once she knows you she loves her training and learning new things. She loves her walks and exercise.

Type of home needed:

Megan can live with children who are 16 years old or over and needs a secure garden. Someone who has owned collies before would be beneficial to help her settle. A calm, quiet home would suit this wee girl. She needs a home with a confident dog to help her build her confidence and get used to her new home. Quiet walking areas with someone who is willing to work through her training programmes she has been working on would also benefit her and help her settle.

More about me:

Megan needs several meets at the centre to build up a relationship before she goes to her new home.

Rehoming Centre:


Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Glasgow
315 Hamilton Road
G71 7SL

Open: 12:00 - 16:00 (including weekends)

Late Night Opening: Tuesdays, until November the centre will close at 7.30pm.

Closed: Wednesdays

Pet and Shelter Details - German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
  • Listed for: 221 Days
  • Black n Tan
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Kos was found recently as a stray, his owner did not claim him and he has now come to us to help him find his new home. Very little is known about Kos so he will be further assessed before he is placed in any home.

Turns out this fella had very very sore ears when he came into the kennels which made him appear a bit on the grumpy side. These ears have now been treated and his true loving gentle laid back character has come out. He is a really sweet boy with a fantastic you could you resist this one!

Kos Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Staffordshire Rescue Scotland
  • Listed for: 203 Days
  • White with patches Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 1
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Meet gorgeous 1 year old Gus. Gus is currently in a quiet foster home and has settled really well. Gus is still very much a puppy and needs to learn some basic manners and basic obedience cues.
He is an incredibly quick learner but cannot focus in a busy household. He is housetrained but in other ways he is still very much a puppy.

Gus travels ok in the car, is fantastic with children of all ages and other dogs. He would chase cats given a chance though.

Although he is brilliant with children, he becomes very excited and is unable to focus or slow down when they are around.

Gus is also a very energetic young boy who needs mental and physical stimulation in a quiet home. He is good with other dogs.

We require his new owners to continue his training.

Homing requirements

Someone who has time to continue his training
No cats
A garden
An active owner who enjoys long walks
No young children living in the home (visiting children would be fine but Gus gets far too excited with young children)

Gus Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre
  • Listed for: 119 Days
  • Black and white Collie Cross Hound
  • Age: 5 years 6 months
Not Good With Children Good With Other Pets

Ref. No: 039/12
Age: 5 years 6 months
Height: Large (Large Collie to Labrador Size) | Breed: Collie X Hound | Colour: Black and White | Sex: Female


Due to a change in circumstances, Sally's owner has sadly had to bring her in.


Once Sally knows you, she is a very affectionate girl. However she needs time to gain your trust, as she is an anxious girl who is wary of new people. Sally has lived with two cats that she has been okay with, however she can chase them occasionally. She really has no recall, when it comes to being off the lead so she needs an owner who understands that she will just bolt if given the chance. Sally can also jump high fences, so she must be supervised when out. She has anxiety when left on her own, therefore she needs an owner who is at home the majority if the day and can help overcome her separation issues. Sally is in need of a home without young children. This collie X loves to play ball and enjoys her squeaky toys.

Re-homing Criteria

Sally is not the easiest of dogs. She has had a number of homes in her past and this lack of a stability when she was young has left her with anxieties. This girl really needs a patient understanding owner who knows that it will take time, and consistency to help her nervous nature.

Sally Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue
  • Listed for: 104 Days
  • Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier


PLEASE, PLEASE HELP LENNOX.....................

Lennox is a beautiful wee dog and will end up in Kennels again if we can't secure him a Foster or preferably a Forever home. Please don't let this happen to Lennox. He is a wonderful dog. He doesn't ask for much in life - nice wee walks, food, and a cosy bed. Food/bedding is provided. No other pets would be preferable and grown up kids is fine. He is in Fort William just now.

Come on folks someone must be able to help Lennox - you will love him when you meet him :)

For more information Please call Jessica on 07786 450100 xx

Lennox Ref no14126 Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - The New Arc
  • Listed for: 87 Days
  • Black & white collie x
  • Age: 2
Not Good With Other Pets

Fergie is a neutered 2 year old Collie Cross

He is a loving boy once he knows you, but is wary of people he doesn’t know. Fergie would be best suited to an experienced adult home, with somebody to give him plenty of exercise. A home with no other pets or young children would suit him well. Fergie wants a home where he can continue his training and have a lot of cuddles

Pet and Shelter Details - West Scotland Retired Greyhound Trust
  • Listed for: 69 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: 3
Not Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Mylo is a very handsome 3 year old boy. Mylo needs a home as an only dog as he has reactivity issues with other dogs but he will make a fantastic, loyal pet for the right person.
Mylo is our longest resident and so deserves his forever home.

Pet and Shelter Details - Greyhound Awareness League
  • Listed for: 51 Days
  • Black Lurcher
  • Age: 1.5
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Mr Minstrel is looking for a special home.

Minstrel is a lurcher, approximately one and a half years old and is an affectionate and playful boy.

He has had some basic training in the past but has also taken to clicker training with enthusiasm! He loves to interact with people, although he can be a little unsure of men initially, and responds well to praise and encouragement. Minstrel bonds really strongly with people and he does have some separation issues but these could be improved on greatly within a home environment.

We don’t think that Minstrel has had the opportunity to learn about things that he may encounter outside of the home environment and as a result finds this stressful and is not comfortable with other dogs. Minstrel would have to be the only dog in the home and he does not like cats.

Minstrel needs a special home with someone understanding who would take the time to help him gain confidence, to settle and enable him to carry on with his training plan; this would be fully supported by a Canine Behaviourist who currently is working with him. This is what she has to say about him;

‘Minstrel is a lovely boy who needs a calm environment to improve his confidence and to continue with his training. He took to agility and clicker training instantly and is improving greatly on his impulse control. Anyone who considers taking him into their home would see that with patience and understanding he has huge potential’.

Minstrel Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Borders Pet Rescue
  • Listed for: 42 Days
  • Black and white Cavapoo
  • Age: 1.5
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs


Murphy (previously known as “Smurf”) is a lovely 16month old boy who is looking for a new home with an experienced dog owner who has the time and patience to continue with his training. He is currently being fostered in a home along side another dog who he gets on very well with, this is his first experience of living with another animal. He would probably be better suited to a cat free home.

Good with children, Has ongoing medical needs, Needs some training.

Murphy Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary
  • Listed for: 31 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: 5
Good With Children Good With Dogs

Rob & Mist are brother and sister, they have always lived together and will need to go to a home together, they are a lovely super friendly easy pair and will make a great addition to any home

If you have room in your home and your hearts for Rob & MIst please visit our website where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at or phone us on 08456439335

Rob and Mist Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Greyhound Rescue Fife
  • Listed for: 21 Days
  • Red brindle Greyhound

ZEUS is the most beautiful red brindle boy. He is well named as you can see from the photo. He is very nice and very friendly with everyone, and quite easy to walk on a lead. One of the best travellers in a car (with a little help to get in!). He is castrated and microchipped. This boy is going to be a beautiful and well loved pet.
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