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German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Dogs Trust - Glasgow (visit their website)
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Second Chance Kennels (visit their website)
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Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary (visit their website)
Dog Aid Society of Scotland (visit their website)
Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
KWK9 Rescue (visit their website)
Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre (visit their website)
Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue (visit their website)
Scottish Dalmatian Welfare (visit their website)
Staffordshire Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care (visit their website)
Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (visit their website)
Boxer Welfare Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (visit their website)
Fife Rottweiler Rescue (visit their website)
Any Dog'il Do Rescue (visit their website)
Borders Pet Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Rescue Fife (visit their website)
Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue (visit their website)
Adopt A Boxer Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Cat Protection League (visit their website)
Saints Sled Dog Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Awareness League (visit their website)
Pet Fostering Service Scotland (visit their website)
West Scotland Retired Greyhound Trust (visit their website)
The New Arc (visit their website)

Found at least 170 Dogs for rescue

Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

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Pet and Shelter Details - Dogs Trust - Glasgow
  • Listed for: 1180 Days
  • Black Crossbreed
  • Age: 2 to 5 years old
Not Good With Children Good With Dogs

Likes and dislikes: Timmy is a sensitive soul who has really come on leaps and bounds during his time at the Rehoming Centre. He is nervous around strangers but enjoys his daily routine of meeting new people to develop his confidence and he loves clicker training. A run in the field with his doggie friends is always welcomed, followed by an afternoon doze with his kennel mate.

Type of home needed: Timmy seeks an adult home with experience of training and rehabilitation. Someone who can dedicate time to his on-going socialisation and development. In the right home he will continue to flourish and achieve his true potential.

Pet and Shelter Details - German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
  • Listed for: 927 Days
  • Black and Tan German Shepherd
  • Age: Unknown
Not Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Cleo came over from Ireland and very little was know about her. She is a high energy dog and is looking for a new owner with just as much get up and go. The down side to this energy is that when she becomes excited she starts to mouth. This is a fixable problem as she has just never been corrected for this behaviour. Because of this we feel she would be better suited to someone where there are no young children around.

Our volunteer took Cleo for a trip to the beach, she loved playing in the sea and chasing and retrieving a plastic bottle from the water. She gave mixed signals when she met other dogs, and dog socialising will need to be worked on in her new home. Cleo is a really loving girl with people and just wants affection. She has a great nose and would love to do some tracking, hill walking or even agility where she can use up her energy.

When our volunteer took Cleo out she loved the car, very settled and quiet. She was also fine in the busy town and walked well on the lead.

Have you got the same amount of energy that Cleo has to be her new owner? You will have a great companion if you do.

Pet and Shelter Details - Fife Rottweiler Rescue
  • Listed for: 718 Days
  • Black and tan Rottweiler
  • Age: 3
Good With Children Not Good With Dogs

Meet the handsome long haired lad Billy.

Originally a stray we estimate Billy to be around 3 yrs old and a stunning handsome lad he is.

However don’t let the good looks fool you; he has a wicked sense of humour and his whole mission in life is to have fun. He will need to go into a home where someone will be firm but kind and show him the boundaries.

Billy could be homed with older, sensible dog-friendly children.

It would also be best were he an only dog, so he can get the time and training he deserves. He is neutered vaccs chipped and would really love to be in a home before Santa comes.

Billy is a large dog.

Pet and Shelter Details - Greyhound Rescue Fife
  • Listed for: 660 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: ~5
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Steve is a laugh a minute! He LOVES to play and be in your company. He is a super enthusiastic, loving bundle of joy! He would best suit a home with no other pets.

If you are interested in Steve and would like to come and meet him, please arrange a suitable time to visit our center by calling Celia on 07826 244765, or send us an email to For more information please visit our website:

Pet and Shelter Details - Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue
  • Listed for: 416 Days
  • German Shepherd Cross
  • Age: 5-6

Otto has been with us in kennels for some time with no sign of a home pending. We have been trying to find him a home for him after his elderly owner could not look after him any more.

Otto is a 7 year old German Shepherd/Malamute Cross, castrated with up to date vaccinations.

Otto is a nice dog who loves to play and wants individual attention. He would be a great asset for someone willing to give him a home. His reaction to other dogs is mixed as he is a bit temperamental; therefore, Otto’s ideal home would be where he is the sole animal.

He is walked regularly by one of our volunteers and walks well on a lead. The kennel staff all love him and he walks past most dogs without a fuss, despite the noise and reaction of others.

Otto requires an adult only home as he has no children experience. He is not good with cats. New owners would have to be experienced dog owners.

Otto has an independent nature, but loves going for a walk.

A home visit from a volunteer from Second Chances, GSR must be completed prior to meeting Otto.

If you think you can help, either to adopt or are prepared to foster Otto, please contact Paul from Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue on:-
Email:- or phone:- 07704 828868

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary
  • Listed for: 371 Days
  • Black with a white bib Lurcher
  • Age: 4
Not Good With Other Pets


Sex: - Female
Age: - 4
Breed: - Lurcher
Colour: - Black
Children: - Under assessment
Cats: - No
Small dogs: - Under assessment
Large dogs: - Yes
Housetrained: - Currently in an SGS foster home.
Spayed/neutered: - Yes
Beautiful little Ivy is quite new into SGS's care, what we no so far is she is a lovely mannered dog in the home, she waits for her food, she has not aggression around food, she waits patiently at the door to get in, she isn't a noisy dog, outdoors she's fine once she meets a dog, however a bit of socialisation is needed, she is currently in a foster home with a male greyhound and she gets on really well with him

If you have room in your home and your hearts for Little Ivy please visit our website where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at or phone us on 08456439335

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue
  • Listed for: 238 Days
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 2yrs
Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

This is Tommy who is a neutered male who is two years and lives with a pug & poodle and various other animals, such as lots of cats and poultry & horses
He dislikes horses & cows! He LOVES cats! Tommy needs regular exercise and plenty of it. He is boisterous and needs a firm owner who will continue with his training and work on lead walking as he jumps forward. He is housetrained and can be left for a few hours; doesn’t chew. Can you offer Tommy a forever home?

Pet and Shelter Details - KWK9 Rescue
  • Listed for: 88 Days
  • Fawn Greyhound Cross
  • Age: 12 - 18 months
Good With Children Good With Dogs

Flora is aprox 1 yr to 18 months, a gorgeous lurcher with the most amazing expressive ears! She has been spayed and microchipped sinced coming to KWK9 and is up to date with her vaccinations etc. Flora would do best in a quieter home without too much comings and goings initially so that she has time to bond with her new owner and become secure before having to face the big world that is out there! She can be a bit timid of men in particuliar initially but with patience and gentle handling we are sure she will overcome this. She is very loyal to whoever is caring for her and probably will always be a dog who just lets a few close people in rather than wearing her heart on her sleeve and loving everyone! She will make a devoted companion and has lots of love to give. If you can offer her a forever home please complete an KWK9 application form.

Pet and Shelter Details - Huskies in Need
  • Listed for: 74 Days
  • Silver Siberian Husky
  • Age: 7
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs


•Sex: Male. Neutered. Chipped. Vaccinated
•DOB: Jan 2007
•Breed: Siberian Husky
•Children: Older children as he is bouncy
•Other Dogs: Fine with other dogs but wary of small breeds
•Other Animals: No cats or small furries

Kobuck is a very playful dog, typical bouncy husky so would be best suited to children over 10. A very affectionate boy who loves company and attention. He is very well mannered and has come on very well during his time in rescue.

In foster in East Kilbride

Recommended donation £200

Pet and Shelter Details - Greyhound Awareness League
  • Listed for: 69 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: 6
Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Zac is a lovely 6 year old greyhound who has recently come into GAL's care. He was originally rescued as a stray by a pound so we don't know much about his history. Zac is currently in a foster home where is is flourishing.

Our boy needs a special home, who will understand his needs and continue his training. He can be unsure of dogs but his confidence is improving with time spent at his doggy day care.

Zac has some anxieties surrounding his bed and would appreciate a home who would understand his need for being left alone when he is sleeping.

Zac can be homed as an only dog with someone who is around a lot of the time, or could live with a calm greyhound. He would prefer no children or cats.

Pet and Shelter Details - Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre
  • Listed for: 67 Days
  • Black Labrador Cross
Good With Dogs

Ref. No: 240/14
Age: 10 years
Height: Large (Large Collie to Labrador Size) | Breed: Labrador X | Colour: Black | Sex: Female


Sasha was brought into the centre as a stray along with Tyler.


Sasha is your typical Labrador type who loves her food. She is a friendly girl, who loves nothing more than playing ball. Sasha came in with Tyler who she gets on well with. We do not know much about Sasha but we feel she would settle into a home environment very quickly as she likes her home comforts. She has lots of energy and will make a fun companion.

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Dalmatian Welfare
  • Listed for: 66 Days
  • black / white Dalmatian
  • Age: 7
Not Good With Children Good With Dogs

When meeting new people or dogs Ajay can be a little nervous but he does not take long to get to know you, after which, he is find and friendly.

Although full of energy he walks without pulling and his recall is good, albeit on the lead. Generally he is an obedient dog who likes to please and usually does what he is asked first time. He also has enough manners not to beg for food and even sits and waits until you tell him to take his own dinner.

Ajay talks a lot, which is to say, he does a lot of grunting and groaning. When greeting you he will give you a smile and, when excited, he will howl. Ajay does not like doors to be closed on him as he wants to be with you at all times, even at night; but he does understand what bedtime means and will go to his own bed to sleep. That said, he can be left on his own for short periods if the doors are left open for him to get around. Otherwise, he loves cuddles, attention and to snuggle up beside you.

Ajay would do well with an owner who will not leave him alone for long periods and who does not mind having him follow them around.

If you are interested in adopting Ajay contact Scottish Dalmatian Welfare:


phone: 07757 723 207
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