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Rescue Scottish Pets aims to help shelters by providing them with a place where they can advertise their pets in need, but also to help those wanting to rescue one place where they can view pets form many shelters.

Note that Rescue Scottish Pets is not an actual shelter so does not take or have any of the pets shown on the site. You must contact the shelter directly who has the pet by clicking on View Shelter's Contact Details beside the pet you are interested in.

If you want to rescue a pet but cannot find the right one on the site, I may be able to help as not all pets are listed by shelters I have contact with.

So just drop me an email (see Contact Me in menu at top of site).

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Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

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Pet Details
  • Listed for: 862 Days
  • Tan Crossbreed
  • Age: <2
Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Likes and dislikes: Jake is a big strong boy who is full of energy and looking for an active home. He is fully house-trained and good in the car, he loves going for his walks.

Type of home needed: Jake is looking for an owner who is physically strong enough to walk him and who has the time to settle him into a home routine and continue his training.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 792 Days
  • Tri-colour Crossbreed
  • Age: 2 to 5
Not Good With Children Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Likes and dislikes: Cuillen loves to play and is very clever and eager to learn.

Type of home needed: He needs a child free environment(over 16 years old) with owners who can committ time to the training he has started at Dogs Trust. He needs a secure garden with someone who has experience of owning a dog like him before.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 768 Days
  • Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Age: 3 years
Not Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Poor Betty is a very nervous girl who is desperate to find a special owner who has had experience with nervous dogs. She does have a lot of love to give but finds it very difficult to trust new people. Her new owner must be a very loving and patient person who has a nice quiet home without children or any other animals.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 754 Days
  • Black and Tan German Shepherd
  • Age: 5
Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Shadow was rescued approximately 18 months ago, her circumstances being that she was in a home where there was domestic violence and as such she overbonded with and was very protective of her female owner - she is very wary of men and will not interact with them in any way.

She was rescued by a single lady who already had 2 GSDs and as the lady lived alone and had few visitors - Shadow settled in fine. Sadly her owner has died and she now requires another (hopefully forever) home. One of her kennel mates has passed away but she continues to live with Denver a 9 year old dog with whom she will happily share a kennel and from who she has gained a lot of confidence. The volunteer who dealt with her adoption 18 months ago saw a big change in her and she came to the volunteer straight away whereas before she would have skulked around in the background and kept out of the way.

In the kennels where she is presently she is absolutely fine with the female owner but wants absolutely nothing to do with her husband, although she has never looked as if she would bite him. Along with her kennel mate Denver she has been used to having lots of freedom and was hardly ever on the lead, she will walk happily on the lead if asked. It is unknown if she has ever chased livestock but she did help herself to some of her owner's chickens! She has lived with cats.

Shadow and Denver lived in the house but have also been used to a kennel - they have been in kennels since their owner took ill in November last year. Her owner's wish was that she be re-homed with Denver.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 497 Days
  • Black and tan Rottweiler
  • Age: 3
Good With Children Not Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Meet the handsome long haired lad Billy.

Originally a stray we estimate Billy to be around 3 yrs old and a stunning handsome lad he is.

However don’t let the good looks fool you; he has a wicked sense of humour and his whole mission in life is to have fun. He will need to go into a home where someone will be firm but kind and show him the boundaries.

Billy could be homed with older, sensible dog-friendly children.

It would also be best were he an only dog, so he can get the time and training he deserves. He is neutered vaccs chipped and would really love to be in a home before Santa comes.

Billy is a large dog.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 438 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: ~5
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Shelter Details
Steve is a laugh a minute! He LOVES to play and be in your company. He is a super enthusiastic, loving bundle of joy! He would best suit a home with no other pets.

If you are interested in Steve and would like to come and meet him, please arrange a suitable time to visit our center by calling Celia on 07826 244765, or send us an email to For more information please visit our website:

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 372 Days
  • Brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 3
Good With Children Good With Other Pets

Tyson is looking for his forever home. He needs someone who is around quite a lot and who has the time and patience to commit to continuing his training. He is an affectionate boy and as you can see, sometimes thinks he is a lap dog!

He is approximately 3 years old and has lived with children. Tyson does need to learn some manners and can be quite boisterous at times. He is not overkeen on other dogs so needs to be rehomed as the only dog in the house. He has lived with a cat but has been known to chase her at times. He would need very careful introductions to a cat and a way to separate them, at least to begin with.

He can be quite vocal in the car but has been getting used to travelling. We are looking for a non rural home with a secure garden as Tyson would probably chase sheep given half a chance.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 253 Days
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 2yrs
Good With Children Good With Dogs

Unfortunately, Skye is back up for adoption through not fault of hers :( She is 2yrs old and is Urgently looking for a foster or forever home

She's okay with other dogs (but possessive of toys) great with kids...

For more information on Skye please contact us

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 161 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: 4
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Shelter Details

Sex: - Male
Age: - 4
Breed: - Greyhound
Colour: - Black & White
Children: - 10+
Cats: - No
Small dogs: - Under Assessment
Large dogs: - Yes
Housetrained: - Currently in an SGS foster home
Spayed/neutered: - Yes

Rocco is an ex racing hound who was retired through injury, his injury was a break to his leg which has been dealt with by an orthopaedic specialist and he is now well on the road to recovery.

Rocco's treatment was kindly funded by SGS members and Facebook fans, its thanks to them that Rocco still has four legs today.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 153 Days
  • Dark Brindle Greyhound
  • Age: 9 years
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Chocky is a gorgeous large 9 year old, dark brindle lad who has had a sheltered life having spent most of it in kennels. He is currently looking for a forever home.

Chocky is in a foster home and has adapted quickly to life as a house dog. He's been a complete gentleman in the home and gets along well with other greyhounds. When there are no other dogs around, he walks like a dream on the lead, but he can be reactive towards other breeds, especially if they are offlead. He therefore needs someone with dog experience (preferably with greyhounds), who can help him work through this and become a relaxed and sociable lad.

Chocky loves to cuddle.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 126 Days
  • Black Lurcher

Shelter Details
Ref. No: 295.13
Height: Large (Large Collie to Labrador Size) | Breed: Lurcher | Colour: Black | Sex: Female


Mo came from Stranraer where she was found as a stray.


Mo is one speedy lurcher! She zooms around the paddock for a good 5 mins then comes back and gives you a kiss with her big tongue. Lovely! She has plenty of energy and we think she could be fairly young, going by her teeth. We are not sure if she has lived in a home environment with children before but we feel she could live with children over the age of 10 years. As she is a lurcher she may have a predatory streak when it comes to cats and livestock. Mo is very strong on the lead so will need a harness otherwise she could damage her neck. Mo is also very well behaved when having a bath.

Pet Details
  • Listed for: 70 Days
  • Black and white Siberian Husky
  • Age: 4
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Shelter Details

SEX: Male. Neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with worm and flea treatment
DOB: Approx 4 yrs old
BREED: Siberian Husky
CHILDREN: Fine with all children
OTHER DOGS: Fine with most dogs
OTHER ANIMALS: No cats or small furries

OTHER INFORMATION: Poor Domino has come back into rescue. He had lost some weight so has been back with us for a while to put some weight back on.

He is a lively boy who is exactly what a husky should be. He pushes his boundaries, loves to run and loves his humans.
Please help us find him the perfect home.

In foster in Glasgow

Recommended Minimum Donation £200

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