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Doodle Trust (visit their website)
German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Dogs Trust - Glasgow (visit their website)
Dogs Trust - West Calder (visit their website)
Second Chance Kennels (visit their website)
Huskies in Need (visit their website)
Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary (visit their website)
Dog Aid Society of Scotland (visit their website)
Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
KWK9 Rescue (visit their website)
Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre (visit their website)
Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue (visit their website)
Scottish Dalmatian Welfare (visit their website)
Staffordshire Rescue Scotland (visit their website)
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care (visit their website)
Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (visit their website)
Boxer Welfare Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (visit their website)
Fife Rottweiler Rescue (visit their website)
Any Dog'il Do Rescue (visit their website)
Borders Pet Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Rescue Fife (visit their website)
Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue (visit their website)
Adopt A Boxer Scotland (visit their website)
Edinburgh Cat Protection League (visit their website)
Saints Sled Dog Rescue (visit their website)
Greyhound Awareness League (visit their website)
Pet Fostering Service Scotland (visit their website)
West Scotland Retired Greyhound Trust (visit their website)
The New Arc (visit their website)
Save A Staffie Scotland (visit their website)

Found at least 141 Dogs for rescue

Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

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Pet and Shelter Details - Fife Rottweiler Rescue
  • Listed for: 811 Days
  • Black and tan Rottweiler
  • Age: 3
Good With Children Not Good With Dogs

Meet the handsome long haired lad Billy.

Originally a stray we estimate Billy to be around 3 yrs old and a stunning handsome lad he is.

However don’t let the good looks fool you; he has a wicked sense of humour and his whole mission in life is to have fun. He will need to go into a home where someone will be firm but kind and show him the boundaries.

Billy could be homed with older, sensible dog-friendly children.

It would also be best were he an only dog, so he can get the time and training he deserves. He is neutered vaccs chipped and would really love to be in a home before Santa comes.

Billy is a large dog.

Pet and Shelter Details - Greyhound Rescue Fife
  • Listed for: 752 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: ~5
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Steve is a laugh a minute! He LOVES to play and be in your company. He is a super enthusiastic, loving bundle of joy! He would best suit a home with no other pets.

If you are interested in Steve and would like to come and meet him, please arrange a suitable time to visit our center by calling Celia on 07826 244765, or send us an email to For more information please visit our website:

Pet and Shelter Details - Dogs Trust - West Calder
  • Listed for: 699 Days
  • Black and white Labrador Cross
  • Age: 2 to 5
Good With Dogs

Likes and dislikes:

Holly came to us a stray dog. She is a complex little lady who needs a very understanding, confident and experienced owner. Holly is a shy girl who will be looking for an experienced adult only home who can build up her confidence and trust. Holly can be protective of herself and resources like food and toys. She would benefit from a calm, non-confrontional owner. Holly has mixed with dogs before but can find initial introductions difficult. Holly has a sweet, gentle, loving and playful side too. She loves to be out and about exploring with her carers in the woods and long grass!

Type of home needed:

Holly will be such a wonderful dog in the right home, she does need work and lots of patience and time, but this will pay off hugely.

Rehoming Centre:

West Calder

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, West Calder
West Calder
EH55 8LE

Open: 12:00 - 16:00

Closed: Tuesday

Pet and Shelter Details - KWK9 Rescue
  • Listed for: 202 Days
  • Black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Age: 2
Good With Dogs

Jess is a lovely young staffie looking for a new home. She is just over two years old, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She is currently with her owner but is proving to be just too lively with the families very small grandchildren. She is used to living with other dogs and children and would be great with older children. She could do with some additional training but is generally good on lead and off. Recall ok as long as you have treats. If you would like to offer Jess a home please complete an KWK9 application form.

Jess Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary
  • Listed for: 182 Days
  • Black with white bib lurcher
  • Age: 5
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Lovely Jessie was previously homed by SGS and is looking for a new home through no fault of her own, she's a quite a quiet girl and is a wee bit timid until she gets to know you.

If you have room in your home and your hearts for wee Jessie please visit our website where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at or phone us on 08456439335

Jessie Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details * Reserved * - Greyhound Awareness League
  • Listed for: 161 Days
  • Black Greyhound
  • Age: 6
Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Zac is a lovely 6 year old greyhound who has recently come into GAL's care. He was originally rescued as a stray by a pound so we don't know much about his history. Zac is currently in a foster home where is is flourishing.

Our boy needs a special home, who will understand his needs and continue his training. He can be unsure of dogs but his confidence is improving with time spent at his doggy day care.

Zac has some anxieties surrounding his bed and would appreciate a home who would understand his need for being left alone when he is sleeping.

Zac can be homed as an only dog with someone who is around a lot of the time, or could live with a calm greyhound. He would prefer no children or cats.

Zac Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
  • Listed for: 135 Days
  • Black n Tan
Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Kos was found recently as a stray, his owner did not claim him and he has now come to us to help him find his new home. Very little is known about Kos so he will be further assessed before he is placed in any home.

Turns out this fella had very very sore ears when he came into the kennels which made him appear a bit on the grumpy side. These ears have now been treated and his true loving gentle laid back character has come out. He is a really sweet boy with a fantastic you could you resist this one!

Kos Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Dogs Trust - Glasgow
  • Listed for: 118 Days
  • Tri-colour Beagle
  • Age: 6 to 12 Months
Good With Dogs

Likes and dislikes:

Alfie is a handsome boy who is typical of his breed. He loves to be on the go and learning new things. Sniffing is his favourite hobby!

Type of home needed:

Alfie can live with children who are 12 years old or over and he needs a secure garden to practice his training in. Alfie needs a home who has experience of owning beagles before who can spend the time helping him settle in his new home. He is worried when left alone so needs a home to be around most of the day.

More about me:

Alfie needs several meets at the centre to build a relationship before going to his new home.

Rehoming Centre:


Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Glasgow
315 Hamilton Road
G71 7SL

Open for visitors: 12:00 - 16:00 (including weekends)

Late Night Opening: Tuesdays, until November the centre will close at 7.30pm.

Closed: Wednesdays

Phone lines open 08:00 -20:00 Mon-Fri and 09:00 -17:00 Sat & Sun

Pet and Shelter Details - Staffordshire Rescue Scotland
  • Listed for: 105 Days
  • White with patches Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 8
Not Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

This poor wee chap finds himself back with us sadly through no fault at all of his own. After spending far too long in emergency kennels Rocky was fostered and then adopted but his owner's circumstances have changed. So now this poor lad is yet again in the kennels.
Little Rocky hasn't put a paw wrong and will make someone a delightful companion. He does need to be the only dog and as he is anxious around children, needs a home where children would be aged 16 and over.

Rocky is approximately 8 years old and all he wants is a loving home and a special person to curl up with. He is house trained, walks nicely on lead, has good recall, travels well, is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is fine to be left for a few hours - his needs are very few and this wee boy doesn't deserve to find himself back in kennels. It would be so unfair.

Are you that special person who could help Rocky?

Rocky Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Borders Pet Rescue
  • Listed for: 55 Days
  • Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Age: 14 months
Good With Dogs

Bailey is a lovely 14 month old girl who has come to the centre as her owners were no longer able to care for her. She is currently suffering from some skin conditions but she is on a course of medication and is getting twice weekly baths and so she is greatly improving. She is such a loving friendly girl she would make someone a wonderful pet.

Bailey Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre
  • Listed for: 48 Days
  • Black and white Collie cross Akita
  • Age: 1 year 3 months
Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Good With Dogs

Ref. No: 195/14
Age: 1 year 3 months
Height: Large (Large Collie to Labrador Size) | Breed: Akita X Collie | Colour: Black and White | Sex: Female


Bonnie was adopted from the centre a little while ago, but her anxieties when left on her own were proving too much. Bonnie also finds travelling in the car quite stressful therefore was not able to go places with her new owner.


Bonnie is a very affectionate girl who enjoys your company. Bonnie finds being left on her own in the house very stressful and will toilet due to stress. She will also chew when left on her own therefore will need help with crate training to overcome this. She and an owner who is at home full time. Her original adopted did tell her she was very interested in livestock. She cannot be trusted around cats. Bonnie loves cuddles and being out in the paddock! She will ask to go out to the toilet when her owner is in the house. She has met children and was okay with them. Bonnie would most likely benefit from an older calmer dog to show her the ropes in order for her to develop into a well mannered lady.

Re-homing Criteria

Bonnie needs an owner who is at home all the time and is able to provide her with consistent training. She will need an owner who is patient and understands that she is still a youngster who is anxious when left.

Bonnie Adoption Form

Pet and Shelter Details - Save A Staffie Scotland
  • Listed for: 34 Days
  • Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Age: 2
Not Good With Children Not Good With Other Pets Not Good With Dogs

Cleo is a lovely 2 year old female who is looking for a long-term foster or forever home. Cleo is an affectionate and easy going girl who needs a quiet dog-free home where she can relax and get some TLC. She doesn't like cats. Has lived with children but ideally would be best suited to an adult home to give her time and space to settle. She needs some lead training which we can help with.

Please contact us if you would like more information or can help this beautiful girl. Email at or visit our website

Medical Needs: Cleo's knees pop out she is on pain medication to manage this. Save A Staffie with continue to pay for this medication once she is in her new home.

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