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Rescue Scottish Pets is not an actual shelter. If you want to enquire about a pet on this site please contact the shelter rehoming that pet directly (see Shelter Contact Details beside each pet).

As we are just a website trying to help charities to rehome, we don't have a need for volunteers also. If you are interested in volunteering please contact a charity directly, or see our volunteering page

Rescue Scottish Pets is just a website for charities to use only so we can't help rehome your dog, or take your dog. However we would advise you contact your nearest shelter such as the SSPCA ( who have kennels all over Scotland, or the Dogs trust have places in Glasgow and Livingston ( There are also a lot of smaller local rescues who may be able to help out and advise depending on where you are located (see list of shelters on left hand side). We would very strongly advise against listing your pet on any ad sites. These sites are notorious for puppy farmers and people looking for dogs as bait dogs.

You can find this sites Facebook page here: Rescue Scottish Pets on Facebook