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Below is Tess. They are in need of a new home. Please visit the shelter's website to view their requirements and advice before contacting to rehome.

Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

If you do contact a shelter please mention you found the pet through Rescue Scottish Pets

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Tess is a very special dog who needs a very special home. She is amazing, affectionate, fun loving and water daft! Tess has lived in a loving home all of her life and loves to be around people. She is cuddly and adores playing with all sorts of toys. She has the very busy mind of a collie and does need to have something to do to kep her busy mind active. This would be easier if Tess was not was not frightened of things outside, in particular certain loud noises but most of all the sight and sound of any vehicle. She needs her own quiet garden with no noises in the immediate surrounds and definitely no vehicle sounds nearby. She would be ideal to roam a large garden and would love to have water to play in as this is her most favourite thing in the universe! But beware - she does get muddy.

Type of home needed

Tess can entertain herself if not kept busy and is a wonderful dog for those who are willing to work around her ways. She loves a cuddle, loves to join in looking for things, loves tug and fetch and also having a quiet pet, half on your knee. She does take a long time to trust people fully and can still be worried by fast moving hands and noises if they catch her attention. She would benefit from her own chill out area in the house.

More about me

If you think you have the right environment then call us for more information. And to re-iterate, she must live in a very quiet home with no traffic nearby, her own garden and an adult only home with no other pets.Tess is a 4 year old collie. To rehome me please click on the \Rehoming me starts here\ button below. Applications will close when Tess has found her forever home.

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