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Below is ROBBIE. They are in need of a new home. Please visit the shelter's website to view their requirements and advice before contacting to rehome.

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ROBBIE at the Staffie Smiles Rescue

ROBBIE at the Staffie Smiles Rescue

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3 year old



Robbie was found as a stray and did his time in stray kennels. He was extremely stressed in kennels to the point of hurting himself. We were contacted by the local council and agreed to help him. We took him in and he quickly went into foster while we get to know him better. 

Here's what his foster mum has said about him after his first week, (08/11/2023)

Robbie settles well in flat but likes to have his people near him. He has started taking himself elsewhere to settle down when we are busy doing dishes etc but he needs to either have you in his eyesight or come to check on you. He would benefit from having his people around initially.  

Initially he was very food focussed and ate everything we gave him. This has massively changed in a few days and he will part eat treats like a pigs ear and leave it to come back to. We have been feeding him multiple times a day to ensure he is satisfied without being too full whilst he settles.

There are zero signs of any issues around food. I have not asked him yet to give up something he is eating.
He takes treats very gently.

His play style we are still learning but on first observations he isn’t too interested if you are not engaging with the toys. He is very gentle and likes to parade around with toys and enjoys being chased.

Robbie initially was very interested in our food and would sit and watch. We have worked on zero engagement whilst we are eating and using our bodies to block assess to food. He has learned when food isn’t his and we can have food close to him without him trying to get it.

Robbie is very good at reading our body language and cues and has massively benefitted from sleep and lots of stillness. I’m bored rigid sitting on the sofa though!

On lead he is very strong and forges forward. This is a response to being overwhelmed and we haven’t gone very far this week.
He’s picking things up very quickly and for my part I have been staying very quiet and allowing him the chance to problem solve. Offering a gentle praise when I like something. This is going to be one of the big challenges for his new owner.
When we start going somewhere “new” this behaviour comes back and consistency is going to be needed.
Slowly slowly and he really does well.

He is a flight risk and will search for escape when overwhelmed. At home we have seen this as paws up on window sills in the flat and stairwell.
He will try and reverse out of the collar and lead when in this emotional state.
He will also run the perimeter.
We had him at the secure dog run but I still kept him on a long line as I think if he became totally overwhelmed he would be able to scale the fence.

Robbie jumps up and puts his paws due to being excited. We have been working on this with him.  He now only does this when we come home but coming down to say hi prevents the paws on. We have asked people meeting him outside to do the same.
We have been working on interactions with people at a distance and once blocked from moving forward he can give lovely stillness with no tension on the lead. We have seen a few people who want to say hello but don’t want to approach and he has been happy to do so.

We haven’t encountered dogs yet apart from a couple of unplanned encounters in the car park.
There are a couple of local dogs who act aggressively and Robbie lunged towards them. I would have expected that but it’s worth noting that he may act when challenged.
We have seen a couple of other dogs and he can disengage if they are displaying calm behaviours.
He has a very very strong predatory chase response and the smell along of other animals is a challenge for him.
One encounter with a neighbour cat at the window which he stiffened on sight then rushed forward.
Robbie is happy with handling and being touched. He likes a pet but when he is sleeping on the sofa wants to lie against you but isn’t asking to be touched.

He has had some stomach upset since he arrived and pretty bad gas. We hade been giving him a calming herb mix from Herbal Vet Scotland and some probiotic foods (greek yoghurt and apple cider vinegar.)

His wounds are healing nicely and apart from a bit of foot/leg chewing when he first arrived he hasn’t been displaying any of those behaviours.


Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021 – License Number: MLC/ARA/003 from Midlothian Council.