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Below is Axel. They are in need of a new home. Please visit the shelter's website to view their requirements and advice before contacting to rehome.

Please take very careful consideration when considering rehoming. Visit the shelter's website and check their guidance and criteria to ensure you meet them.

If you do contact a shelter please mention you found the pet through Rescue Scottish Pets

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Are you right for Axel?

Axel is an 8-year-old Weimaraner. Axel is a friendly and affectionate boy who loves to be around his family. He is an energetic lad who is always excited to see his friends. Axel loves being in the great outdoors where he can do lots of exploring and sniff all the amazing smells around him. He is looking for an active home with people that can take him on lots of exciting adventures. Axel would like a quiet adult only home where he will have his own space to relax. Axel prefers to walk in quieter areas where there wont be off-lead dogs so he can relax and enjoy his walk as he likes to keep himself to himself when out and about. Axel enjoys playing with his toys, and he loves to play fetch! He would love to have a garden where he can play with his owners until his hearts content! He is currently in a foster home enjoying his homely comforts.

Is Axel right for you?

Axel is a sweet and loving boy who is very affectionate once he knows you. Axel is currently in a foster home where he is receiving gold star reports! He is houstrained and is generally a joy to have in the home. He loves to learn new things and would love for his new owners to continue to teach him more! He is super foody and will take any treat on offer, he especially loves carrots! Axel is happiest when surrounded by his people and would like for someone to be at home with him throughout the day to keep him company. Axel is a wonderful boy who will make a fantastic addition to his new family. AWE licence number 176240 by West Lothian Council.